There is a harsh winter of power outages for cryptocurrency miners in Kazakhstan.

Protests in Kazakhstan have shut down the world's second-largest mining hub.

The second-largest bitcoin mining country lost internet service, affecting up to 15% of the network.

On Thursday, Bitcoin dipped below $43,000 for the first time since September, plunging almost 8%.

Fresh bloodshed erupts as Russia sends troops to quell the rebellion in Kazakhstan

According to the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, Kazakhstan ranks second globally in terms of bitcoin mining share, with 18.1%.

The Kazakh government announced last year that it will target unregistered “grey” miners who use twice as much power as “white” or fully registered miners.

Dozens of protesters reported killed in Kazakhstan as Russia-led military alliance heads to the country

Last year, Kazakhstan's energy ministry estimated that "grey" mining used up to 1.2 GWT of power, compared to 600 MWt for "white" miners.

The country’s uprising began with protests in the west of the country against a New Year’s Day fuel price hike.