Top-8 highest paid athletes list 2021 are here, look who's on no.1

Kevin Durant is a professional  basketball player and his total earnings in 2021 is nearly $75 million.


Roger Federer is a famous tennis player and his 2021's endorsements is around $90 million 


no.6 -Neymar, Brazilian soccer player, with his total income of $95 million.

LeBron James a US basketball player, and his yearly earnings is around $96.5 million.


Dak Prescott, an American football player, total earnings-$107.5 million


no.3-Cristiano Ronaldo, football player with his earnings of $120 million

Lionel Messi, also an Football player, and his total earnings around $130 million


no.1- Conor Mcgregor, a mixed martial arts athletes and his total earnings was $180 million.