0fficials in Florida have asked the public for help in locating the owner of a dog found with a hugely swollen head after someone placed a zip-tie around its neck.

The dog, a male pitbull/cur mix, was located on January 8, roaming a block in Brooksville, 

but it took three days for animal enforcement officers to successfully track down and capture the dog.

 the Hernando County Sheriff's Office is pleading for anyone who thinks they may know who put the zip-tie on the animal, 

or who owns the dog, to contact the office on 352-754-6830. A cash reward of $5,000 is being offered.

 the DeSoto County Sheriff's Office similarly asked the public for their help in finding justice in another case of horrific dog abuse

It took three days for animal enforcement officers to locate and capture the dog in an effort to remove the zip-tie

The dog was transported to Hernando County Animal Services where following treatment the swelling of the head has now subsided.