They looked a lot like their parents in many ways, but John F. Kennedy Jr. and Caroline Kennedy looked the most like their parents because they had dark eyes and strong jaw lines.

It isn't just the all-white outfit: Lionel Richie and his sister Deborah Richie look a lot alike even when they're not dressed similarly. We'd have to credit their wide smiles for that.

While Lily Allen and her younger brother are very different, they have almost the same noses and smiles. They were shocked when it was found out that the rising Game of Thrones star was her brother.

Ben Stiller and his sister, Amy Stiller, followed in the footsteps of their famous comedic parents and share a striking resemblance. With similar noses and chins, there's no doubt the two are siblings.

Nicky Hilton is often compared to her older sister, Paris Hilton, but she looks more like her younger brother. Both of their faces are square and their eyes are round.

Patrick and Katherine Schwarzenegger

Jason and Carly Ritter

James and Georgia May Jagger share a famous rockstar father—and it shows. The famous siblings were lucky enough to both get Mick Jagger's famous lips.

Kirsten and Christian Dunst

Kaia and Presley Gerber

Taylor and Chase Hill

Kate Hudson and Wyatt Russell

Derek and Julianne Hough

Bella and Anwar Hadid