Health Is Wealth Essay for Class 3

Essay Type 1

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “health is wealth,” you know that it’s true. This means that health is more important than money. A healthy person can do any job. A rich person who gets sick can’t work, but he can’t buy good health.

A healthy body is one that is in good physical, emotional, and mental health at all times, as well as in good shape. Our health is more important than anything else we own. People who are happy keep this secret.

People work very hard to make money, but they don’t take care of their health when they get sick, so they don’t work as hard. We need to stay healthy in order to be truly rich.

Essay Type 2

  • Our physical well-being is critical to our well-being in life.
  • First and foremost, we need to take care of our health.
  • A person who is in good health approaches their work with a positive attitude and a sense of purpose.
  • A wealthy person is one who enjoys good health.
  • When your health is in jeopardy, money is of no use.
  • We have a responsibility to look after our own well-being.
  • Food that is well-balanced and nutritious is essential for optimal health.
  • Regular physical activity is also critical to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Regular physical activity helps our bodies remain healthy for a longer period of time.
  • The best way to do this is to eat healthfully and get regular exercise.

Essay Type 3

  • The importance of health cannot be overstated.
  • A cheerful individual is one who is in good health.
  • Green veggies should be consumed in order to maintain good health.
  • Fresh fruits should be consumed.
  • Packaged foods should be avoided at all costs.
  • We should go outside and play some games.
  • We should go to sleep and wake up at regular intervals.
  • We should keep our surroundings tidy.
  • We should wash our hands thoroughly before eating.
  • Our most valuable asset is our health.

Essay Type 4

  • It is important to maintain our mind and body fit.
  • Everybody benefits from good health.
  • Most ailments nowadays stem from strain and stress.
  • Sickness is caused by unhealthy eating habits, lack of sleep, and inactivity.
  • Poor health raises living costs.
  • Walking instead of driving and climbing the stairs can help us stay fit.
  • Clean surroundings and a healthy diet can boost our health.
  • Good health allows for easy achievement.
  • We get sick. But self-care will keep us healthy.
  • Also, seek medical attention if needed.

Essay Type 5

Today is competition day, and everyone is in a different race. Many are focused on job and money. But ignoring health isn’t an option in the future. We must examine how much attention we give the body. We must look after our health.

Today’s hospitals, drugs, and operations are so costly that they must be paid for. It also takes a lot of time. According to the doctor, chemical medications typically cure you and you must take them for life. To put it simply, we are confined to the medical, the hospital, rather than a permanent fix. Their sadness is shared.

Clearly, health is a solution to all of these issues. The body is mortal and has no law of permanence. True, the body ages and dies. In that case, how can we keep healthy? Take this seriously. Then we will see that health is our true asset.