Essay Type 1

This is a well-known proverb. In other words, it’s always preferable to be healthy than to be affluent. A man may be extraordinarily wealthy. He may be able to afford all of the things that one could desire. However, if he is diagnosed with a terminal illness such as cancer or something similar, all of his riches becomes worthless. He will not be able to take use of modern conveniences. He will be slowly creeping, inch by inch, towards the end of his existence. Aside from that, he will have to endure the mental torment that would result from his revelation. He’ll be as good as dead by then. However, if a man is in good health, he can be content even if he does not have much money. As long as he remains healthy, he will be able to work and earn his daily bread. He is capable of living a happy and comfortable life with what he possesses. Because he is in good health, he will not be bothered by any diseases. He may not be able to spend excessively or buy extravagance due to financial constraints. As a result, it is correct to state that health is preferable to riches.

Essay Type 1

If you ask people what they need to be happy, they usually say health and riches. Both are required for happiness. But, if you could only have one, which would it be? In my opinion, health triumphs.
First, health is more essential than riches because it promotes a sense of well-being. That makes you happy. Wealth does not always follow suit. Many people believe they would be happy with a million ringgit. They believe more money will solve all their issues. In fact, being wealthy might rob you of your peace of mind. RICH PEOPLE SUFFER MORE STRESS, ANXIETY,

Also, wealth is useless without health. To grasp this, we must first examine our motives. The goal is to be able to meet our everyday requirements while still enjoying our pleasures. No matter how much one spends on material goods, he or she will not be able to fully enjoy them. For example, a sick person cannot eat everything they want even if they can afford it. Even if he owned a private plane, a bedridden person cannot enjoy exotic travels. So health trumps wealth since wealth is pointless without health.

Another benefit of health is that it allows you to obtain wealth. This is impossible. A healthy individual can obtain work or make investments that could make them wealthy. However, even the best medical care money can purchase may not restore a sick person’s health. This data alone supports the argument that wealth trumps health.

In summary, health trumps riches for the reasons stated above. Of course, having both health and riches is ideal. But if you must choose, go for the one that makes you the happiest.